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I can be booked to give a popularizing talk through the Young Academy (De Jonge Academie) initiative Kennis op Straat.

I find it very important to talk about my research to those outside the academic community. I am happy to speak about ancient divination and food and foodways at schools, companies and for other groups.


Bird at Oplontis







  • Workshop on Teaching in Academia (18 February 2018)
  • Lecture ‘How things could have been: reception of the ancient world in short stories’. Museum of Antiquities, Leiden (15 June 2017)
  • Workshop Cooperation in Higher Education (LTA conference ‘Van student naar academicus’ 7 November 2016)
  • Lecture Museum Jeugd Universiteit ‘How do you ask a Greek god for advice?’ (6 November 2016)
  • Lecture NKV Utrecht ‘Roman food’ (29 September 2016)
  • Lunchbyte Leiden University: EdPuzzle (24 mei 2016)
  • Lecture ‘Als een vis in het water’ (30 april 2016, Romeinenfestival)
  • Interview Romeinenweek/Roman food 28/4/2016 Leids dagblad pagina ‘Uit 3’
  • Quest 1 2016, page 26: interview about abortion in antiquity
  • Maart 2016: Introduction to Leidschrift filmnight ‘Pompeii’
  • Lunchbyte Leiden University: Pitch2Peer (26 January 2016)
  • Lecture for Classics Teachers, organized by Labrys (25 January 2016)
  • Article Er kwam een kale man bij de dokter…, Blad voor Leidse classici 36(3): 5-7.
  • With L. Claes and F. Naerebout, ‘Pompeii als schatkamer voor de Oudheid’, in: Pleyte jubileumbundel (juni 2015)
  • Guest lecture in Honors Class about climate crises (Leiden, 21 November 2014)
  • Talk (with Wouter Linmans) about the use of Facebook for didactic purposes for Faculty meeting about teaching (Leiden, 14 November 2014)
  • Workshop Zandvlietcollege Den Haag: ‘What did the ancient Greeks and Romans eat?’
  • Talk on ‘Life of Brian’ for student society HSVL (Leiden, 10 November 2014)
  • Member Essayjury VeerStichting Symposium Bevrijd van Zekerheid (Leiden, October 2014)
  • Workshop ‘Dealing with ‘Uncertainty’, VeerStichting Symposium Bevrijd van Zekerheid (Leiden, 9 October 2014)
  • Short interview on use of social media as part of Blended Learning,, special prestatieafspraken Universiteit Leiden (June 2014)
  • Column ‘Vetgemeste hap bij de Romeinen: slakken en relmuizen’ (June 2014)
  • Interview Tros Nieuwsradio, Radio 1 (31 May 2014)
  • Talk at Romeinenfestival 2014: ‘Fattening animals in ancient Rome’ (Nijmegen, 1 June 2014)
  • Talk on divination for Student Society Pleyte (Leiden, 31 May 2014)
  • Interview newspaper article Theo Toebosch about Romeinenfestival, NRC Handelsblad (28 May 2014)
  • Talk on Asclepius for St. Maartenscollege, Voorburg (Leiden, May 2014)
  • Talk for Kennis op straat: ‘Lieve goden, wat moet ik doen?’ (The Hague, 10 March 2014)
  • Talk LAPP-TOP: ‘Innovation in religion: Asclepius’ (Leiden, 11 February 2014)
  • Talk Museum Jeugd Universiteit (MJU): ‘How did you celebrate your birthday in antiquity?’ (Leiden, 2 March 2014)
  • Talk Student Society Prometheus: ‘Ancient oracles’ (Leiden, 5 February 2014)
  • Interview radio programme Hoe?Zo! (NTR) (18 February 2013)
  • Interview newspaper Mare (20 February 2013)
  • Column: ‘Ancient new economies’, Perspectives: a magazine issued by Port of Rotterdam (2) (2012), 24-25.
  • Workshop at Christelijk Lyceum Delft: ‘Healthy Romans’ (Delft, 15 February 2013)
  • Workshop for Honours Class University of Amsterdam: ‘Was the Pythia high (and why would we care)?’ (Amsterdam, 8 February 2013).
  • Short article with F.G. Naerebout, ‘Romeinse vogelkooien. Een doodsoorzaak voor Lesbia’s vogeltje?’, Vogels (2011) 26-27.
  • Short article, ‘Orakels, waarzeggers en andere toekomstvoorspellers: wat de toekomst ons (niet) zal brengen’, Academische Boekengids 12 (2010).
  • Short article, ‘Eureka!’, ik heb het gevonden’, Leids Dagblad 28 April 2010

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