Zaption 2: use and issues

The use of Zaption is very intuitive ( ), although there are certainly issues with some of the features. The most notable issue is that it is impossible to cut the clips at exactly the time you would want; and it does not seem possible to download the clips you have produced – a real problem considering the stability of the platform (Important: Zaption cannot be used anymore. Alternatives – according to Zaption! – are: Nearpod, EdPuzzle, HapYak or H5P. This is why I will not spend too much time considering the technical features of Zaption in what follows).

My students had to watch one clip every week, normally about 5 minutes long, and answer a number of questions in preparation for the lecture. Usually, I would extract two or three clips from documentaries on YouTube and then insert questions where students would need to compare two opinions, provide source criticism, or simply reproduce something from Beard.

I did not check whether or not each student had indeed prepared before every lecture, but students knew that the Zaption quizzes were also part of what they should be learning to pass the exam. I did ask one question about something which had only been discussed in Zaption – not in Beard or the articles – and most students answered the question correctly. I assume, then, that most students have watched the clips at some point.

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